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Rock Minerals

Rock Minerals

Why use Rock Minerals?

Australia has very depleted soils, particulary on the sandy plains of Perth. Adding a broad spectrum of minerals to the soil in the form of finely crushed blended rocks adds to the pool of trace elements that plants can access, making them healthier and more resistant to pests and diseases.


Soil Solver's Pure Rock Mineral blend is formulated to provide a wide spectrum of completely natural trace elements and minerals, including volcanic basalt dust, formulated to meet natures soil needs with no artificial fertilisers or fillers.


Rock dust naturally breaks down very slowly, stimulated by the activity in the soil and the plants needs. Unlike soluble trace elements, rock minerals do not  leach and are available to plants for the long term future. 

Regularly using Soil Solver products feeds the soil and builds up an earth friendly habitat for micro organisms, fugi and plants and boosts the long term health and fertility of soil.

Recommended rate: 1 kg per sqm, more for vegetable and fruit trees. Banana clumps benefit from 10 kgs or more in the top 15cm over 2 sqm.

    PriceFrom $80.00
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