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About Soil Solver

Soil Solver® was created by Gavin Davis after starting to spread clay on his own farm, which lead to the realisation that even the clay from such a rich source was lacking the mineral balance to create the permanent change needed.


Gavin went on to study at the globally recognised Roseworthy Agricultural College in South Australia and experimented with a variety of soils, minerals and clays. Gavin has spent over ten years educating Perth’s garden enthusiasts about outdated methods of soil improvement,

 introducing them to his unique and scientifically proven blend of high-grade Kaolin clay, silt and complex minerals.


Soil Solver® is now the ‘go to’ product for healthy, water-retentive, weed-controlled soils around Australia, changing sand into rich loam.

As Gavin says, ‘The answer lies in the soil.’

Gavin Davis' family has four generations of farming background in Western Australia. Like many other farmers, he has had to become a soil expert through the necessity to sustainably and cost effectively improve marginal farmland. He has made an intensive study of amending heavy clays as well as light sandy soils for over thirty years.

In the 1990’s Gavin completely changed his approach to soil improvement on his farming property. After experiencing the potential of changing the calcium and magnesium balance, and switching from the use of gypsum to the addition of lime in part of a paddock, he went on to adopt this practice over the entire farm.  His marginal clay based farmland has been permanently improved with a 30-50% yield increase. 

Gavin applied his expertise to solve the problems of sandy garden soils for the benefit of his friends in the city. They added his unique blend of clay, silt and rock minerals to their gardens, and had amazing and startling results. The transformation of gardens was so positive that word spread that here at last was a product
that could change gutless garden sand into productive and loamy
garden soil... permanently!
He named it Soil Solver®.

Soil Solver® came to the attention of Darren Seinor and Trevor Cochrane who have featured the product and use it to create water-wise gardens on Garden Guru’s TV gardening program on Channel 9, Greenfingers TV show and on My Garden Your Garden. It has also featured on Home in WA, which has introduced the benefits of Soil Solver® to new home builders when establishing their new outdoor area.

Gavin has helped many thousands of people to improve their soils, grow their gardens, and harvest beautiful blooms and nutrient-rich vegetables.

Includes GST and Perth delivery


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