The Results of Soil Solver 


Above: The difference in plant establishment in soil amended with clay

Trials have been done by the Dept of Agriculture, University of Western Australia and CSIRO. All the trials confirm the benefits. Since 2009 Dept of Ag recommends over 5% kaolin clay content in at least the top 10 cms of soil for the best results.

 7% kaolin clay on the left resulted in over double the yield, and shows 0.4 percent kaolin clay on the right which is a patchy result.

10 to 14kgs of Soil Solver®  per sqm dug down 10cm provides approximately 6% clay content and 4% silt content and an overall change of 10% in the particle size of the soil.

Below: Happy Soil Solver® customers showing off their gardens and lawns!

Delicious vegetables full of flavour and nutrients, thanks to Soil Solver® 

Soil Solver® results on rhubarb

Note the pen in these pictures - what a difference balanced soil makes!

A very happy Soil Solver® 

customer showing off their beautiful lush lawn

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Below: Department of Agriculture trials of Soil Solver® 

In 2005, Bob Paulin and Peter O'Malley trialed the difference between adding compost and Soil Solver® Compost Plus.

The Dept of Ag Soil Solver® Compost Plus with 5% clay trials showed:

  • Irrigation savings of up to 49.5%

  • 50% less leaching

  • Double the volumetric water holding capacity

  • Treble fertility of soil, with exception of Nitrogen

  • Significant increase in microbial biomass

Below: Before and After pictures of a camellia plant treated with Soil Solver®

by Darren Seinor from Garden Solutions

Darren saw this plant was showing signs of mineral deficiency.

After adding Soil Solver® Clay Plus, the plant is greener and more vigorous. 

Darren Seinor from Garden Solutions creates new gardens and offers long term maintenance programs. 

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