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You only need to add Soil Solver® once.

It is a permanent cure for dry and water repellent sand when used a directed. The best soil for lawns and gardens is a mineral rich loam soil, made of kaolin clay, silt, sand and humus.

Soil Solver® Clay Plus improves sand by adding kaolin clay, silt, and a unique scientifically tested balance of natural minerals - all of which guarantee an immediate great result.

Adding organic matter is not the best way to permanently improve your soil as it eventually breaks down to an oily alkaline wax that coats the sand particles and causes water repellent soil. This is known as hydrophobic sand. Adding organic matter to a low fertility sand is actually creating the hydrophobic problem, as well as increasing the alkalinity of the soil which is a big problem that we face in Perth. The result is even less water holding capacity, and all the nutrition and humus leaches from the sand to the water table, then out

to the river systems.


Using Soil Solver® Clay Plus guarantees the ongoing reduction of the “wax load” in your soil thanks to the increased micro-organism activity. Science, backed up with real life results, shows that we need to increase the clay content to 5% by weight of the total soil mass. The amount of clay product you need therefore depends on the “clay %” of the product.

Soil Solver® Clay Plus comes with an Accredited laboratory test result and Organic Certification. It is blended, treated and aged for over a year to ensure that every bag contains the same essential ingredients, and is ready to release minerals to plants.

The result not only holds onto more water, the beneficial minerals boost the numbers and variety of soil organisms which improves the overall health and vitality of your garden plants. It is a permanent improvement to the texture of sandy grounds, and in future you only need to add mulch to protect soil life. Vegetable gardens need a more intensive management regime including Soil Solver® Rock Minerals.



You will not get such a good result. See our Home page video where Trevor Cochrane from the Garden Guru's explains why other clays do not have the same benefits as kaolin clay.

Some clay products contain sodium, i.e. salt, which can really set your garden backwards! 

Listen to Dr Dan Carter discussing water repellent soils. 


Montmorillonite clay doesn't naturally exist in soil. The properties of montmorillonite clay make it so that it does not stick to sand, only another montmorillonite clay particle.  This is why farmers use this clay type to seal dams, but this is not a trait we want in our soils.  Only kaolin clay can stick to sand and humus to form nature’s “peds of soil”.

Kaolin clay has been shown in independent trials at the University of WA to be the best for curing water repellence, and field trials have shown that a 5% clay content can achieve a permanent cure (10kgs/sqm of Clay Plus). You can add more and further improve the performance of your soil. Click to read the West Australian Dept of Agriculture advice on soil improvement. Download our Fact Sheet here.

Soil Solver® is a stable clay product, friable, easy to use and includes the entire spectrum of secondary and trace elements needed to keep plants in tip top health. The natural minerals attached to the clay lattice are immediately available to plants. All ingredients are naturally sourced and blended to a unique formula that improves soil and plant health.

Clay products contain a percentage of clay, silt and sand.  The lower the clay and silt content, the more you will need to get the necessary permanent changes needed for our sands for long-term productive soil.  Only an Accredited lab testing to Australian soil standards will give an accurate level of clay and silt content of the product.  Below are independent tests of products where you will notice the clear advantage that Soil Solver® has with clay and mineral content.

The more sand that is in a soil material, the more clay you need to add to achieve a 5% clay content.

Soil Solver® Clay Plus has a 50% clay content. Adding 10 kgs of Soil Solver® Clay Plus per square metre of sand will achieve a 5% clay content in your soil. In the short term, a lesser ratio of clay will help and be a temporary cure for water repellent soils, but in a year or two it will return to its natural state and you will need to start again.

Below is a table of kgs/sqm of clay product needed to achieve the necessary 5% clay content.  50% clay content needs 10kg/sqm of clay, 30% clay content needs 16.7kgs/sqm of clay, 15% clay content needs 33.3kgs/sqm.   10% clay content needs 50kgs/sqm

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Adding clay is only part of the story, you also need to feed the soil with organic matter. The best part of adding Soil Solver® Clay Plus is it helps hold the valuable humus in the soil so it becomes naturally darker and richer as time goes on.

The more Soil Solver® Clay Plus you add, the more fertile the soil is. If the garden is on a new build site with 'fill sand' in it, also add some worm castings or microbial boosters to help kick start the soil life. 

You can choose to add a little bit of Soil Solver® Clay Plus and Mature Compost each year, or bite the bullet and add it all at once - there is no upper limit with how much you can add. (We advise against using a spent mushroom compost because of the chemicals added to it as part of the preparation to grow mushrooms)

Soil Solver   is the permanent solution for sandy grounds


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The foundation for a garden is as important as the foundations of your house, and the quality of the soil makes the difference between a garden that is easy to care for and one that is constantly struggling, especially in the hot dry conditions of summer.

You can save on costs, and create a superior loam soil by converting your existing sand using Soil Solver® Clay Plus and Mature Compost products. You will immediately see the savings on wetting agents and fertilisers, as well as helping the environment by reducing leaching and water use.



A fertile loam soil contains sand, kaolin clay, silt and minerals as well as organic matter. In sandy conditions, compost and manures quickly disappear and leaves water-repellent dry sand behind. You need to keep adding more and more, and then use wetting agents to fix the problems the sandy conditions cause.


Soil Solver® Clay Plus is a uniquely high-grade kaolin clay with a balanced formula of natural rock minerals. Blending this into the sand creates a soil that holds onto more organic matter, nutrients and water, and boosts the number of soil organisms. It is a sturdy and fertile foundation for your garden, resulting in an easier garden to care for in the generations to come. It is a completely natural and easy way to create the very best fully mineralised soil, and at a price you can afford.


Remember, it is a permanent improvement.

Soil Solver® Clay Plus not only creates an ideal texture for the soil, it also corrects and balances the severe mineral deficiencies in Western Australia's sands, providing all the essential trace elements needed for sturdy and healthy plants. This means they are better able to shrug off pests and diseases and will thrive even in hot summer weather. By blending Soil Solver® Clay Plus into your sand, you will know exactly what your soil contains and you can be confident that you will have the best possible result - permanently.



Professional landscapers use between 10 to 15 kgs per sqm of Soil Solver® Clay Plus for lawns and gardens, with a lower rate of 7.5kgs per sqm for native plants. Adding Soil Solver® Rock Minerals is also recommended for a vegetable garden or rosebed.

You can buy Soil Solver® Clay Plus, Mature Compost, and Rock Minerals products at your local independent nurseries as well as Waldecks and Dawsons.

Prices start at a low 80c per kg for bulk product on our Online Shop with free delivery in Perth.

Soil Solver® can also be found at Bunnings with our collaboration with Bailey's Fertilisers Soil Matters Clay and Compost product that has Soil Solver® Clay Plus as the active ingredient.


There is no need to remove existing sand from the garden, and even 'yellow sand' is

a good start for a garden.

Feeding the resulting soil with a mature compost provides a wide variety of micro-organisms and food for the soil, Soil Solver® Compost Plus provides more than four times the goodness of an ordinary compost because it is composted for longer and is blended with a very high natural silt, rock mineral and natural nitrogen blend.

Natural and eco-friendly
soil improvement


Includes GST and Perth delivery