DSATCO Premium Mulch

DSATCO Premium Mulch

Great value Eco bale of Dsatco premium Mulch, 100L compressed into 70L bag.


Mulch to feed and protect soil.


Mulching shades the soil and protects the sensitive microbial life from the hot sun, retains moisture and provides a supply of organic slow release nutrients. Soft mulches made of pea straw or lupins are ideal for veggie patches as they compost down to become a rich source of food and soil conditioner as well as shading the soil and keeping it cooler.  Wood chip mulch helps retain more water in the soil, and you can add different layers to the soil - compost, then lupin mulch with an overall covering of a chunky wood chip mulch which all helps keep soil life alive in hot weather as well as reducing evaporation.


Use mulches around fruit trees, flowering plants and shrubs to create a natural layered effect of organic matter. Keep the mulch away from direct contact with the stems of plants, and trunks of trees. Adding feeding mulches twice a year keeps the soil cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, and combined with Rock Minerals there will be a reduced need for other fertilisers.

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