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Soil Solver® Clay Plus improves sand by adding high-grade kaolin clay, silt and the necessary minerals to meet the needs for stable plant growth.

Gavin Davis created Soil Solver® and has spent over ten years educating Perth's garden specialists and gardening enthusiasts about outdated methods of soil improvement.

Now partnered by respected Bailey’s Fertilisers, and recognised by the industry and public domain management, Soil Solver® is the ‘go to’ product for healthy, water retentive, weed-controlled soils around Perth.

Tips, advice, and helpful information to get the most out of your garden and Soil Solver® products.

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Turn sand into soil

Includes GST and Perth delivery

Soil Solver® products are premium fully mineralised products for professional landscapers and home gardeners to improve sandy conditions. No need to remove existing sand - it transforms sand into a rich and productive loam soil which means you save on carting and dumping costs.

With permanent results, Soil Solver® Clay Plus is full of beneficial minerals to help you grow water-retentive lawns, mineral rich vegetables, and healthier plants. Soil Solver® Clay Plus cures water repellence, holding moisture and nutrients for longer, boosting the number and variety of soil organisms.

  • Eco-friendly

  • Free from heavy metals or harmful salts

  • Controls nematodes

  • Smooth and easy to use

  • Balanced rock minerals

  • Buffers and balances soil pH level

  • Stable clay with low swell and shrink

  • Lab tested to international standards ISO 14688-1:2012 

  • Organic Certified - Cert. Number 19058

Soil Solver® is only available for purchase Online or through our trusted Nurseries and Landscapers.

Check our Landscapers Page and Outlets Page for a full list or visit our Web Store.

Professionals choose

Soil Solver


The Soil Solver® method of sand conversion is used by many professional landscapers, the superior results combined with the cost efficiencies of avoiding removing sand and the fees to dump it make it a sensible choice. The premium ingredients create a soil packed with mineral-rich clay and silts that retains water and nutrients to establish a lush, healthy garden and lawn for long into the future.

Installing and renovating turf has been successfully undertaken on premium tennis courts and sports grounds by professional green-keepers for reduced use of water, fertiliser and a healthier growing turf that is untroubled by pests and diseases - and no need to use wetting agents in the future.

You can convert an entire area in one go, or add a little every time you plant a seedling, or a tree, and of course you can add it around existing plants too. Every plant deserves a water retentive and fully mineralised soil!

Head to our Landscapers page to find a list of garden professionals who use Soil Solver® products.

Includes GST and Perth delivery

Soil Solver® is only available for purchase Online or through our trusted Nurseries and Landscapers.

Check our Landscapers Page and Outlets Page for a full list or visit our Web Store.

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